With All the Publicity Queensland is Getting, Do They Even Need a Marketing Guru?

A fun story that has been in the public eye lately is the opportunity to apply for "The Best Job in the World." The position requires that you move to Australia and accept a salary of $100,000 to live at the beach in a large home while you create social media content (blogs, videos, etc) about the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. The entire program/promotion (because, truly, this is just a clever marketing act) is sponsored by the tourism bureau of Queensland.

Almost 35,000 people have applied for the position by submitting online videos. The public can now vote on the video applications, so its safe to say that the 35,000 vying for the job are promoting the initiative to all of their contacts to encourage voting and better their chances. So between the buzz created by applicants and all the media coverage - it stands to reason that Australia no longer has a need for an "Island Caretaker" at all. The entire effort is really a contest disguised as a job opening (with a few, minimal strings attached). Personally, I applaud their PR team for a job well done!

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