Marketing Speak, Defined

MarketingProfs has created a fun new microsite called Marketing Additctionary where marketers can add to an urban dictionary-esque wiki with fun definitions of trendy terms.

Though I've yet to contribute any marketing-related quips, I am a fan of this one:

web 2.0-verload: noun, When it all just becomes too much. Examples: (1) when you get bombarded with so many kinds of web apps that are supposed to be useful that you can't keep up with what's really useful, or (2) when you sign up for all those private beta invites... and then when you get the invites weeks later, you don't remember what those apps were or did.

And here's the current most popular word:

Twiggles: noun, A fit of laughter by something someone said on Twitter.

The wordoff, where you can vote for your favorite of two words, is another fun feature. There is also a "Challenge" area where someone provides the definition and you create the word. Hours of marketing entertainment!

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