MetroPCS Launches Fantastical New Campaign, Challenges the Big Boys

This story is admittedly of particular interest to me because in my past position in event marketing, my agency, GRIP Promotions, managed sponsorships for MetroPCS in Atlanta, Miami and Northern California. It has been interesting to watch the brand grow in to a national name with increasingly impressive coverage that has managed to stick to their guns regarding pricing and service models.

On to the campaign...

MetroPCS is poised to launch a shiny, pretty new ad campaign featuring unicorns, mermaids and other fantasy creatures. According to Marketing Daily, we can expect to see humorous spots like the following:

A mermaid and a unicorn are sharing a Jacuzzi. "So, I'm thinking of switching to the new MetroPCS service," says the fish girl. "What, the talk-all-you-want-for-$40 thing?" asks the incredulous unicorn. "You believe in that?" "Yeah," says the mermaid. "Why not?" "Ah, sounds a little far-fetched to me," replies the unicorn. Tag: "Unlimit yourself."

The new campaign - shot by Frank Todaro, who was at the helm for the popular, pre-historic FedEx Super Bowl commercials - coincides with the MetroPCS service launch in Boston and New York. The no contracts service provider now boasts almost national coverage and I think this campaign reflects their new status as a major player in the industry who is no longer going to sit back and be called second best.

I'm interested to see what's to come for this cell provider with recession-perfect pricing.


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