New Microsoft Ads Missing the Mark, Dissing us "Real People"

I strongly agree with the TechCrunch analysis of the second Gates/Seinfeld Microsoft effort. These commercials are doing nothing but make Microsoft look more out of touch with what people want.

After the pairing was announced and the first commercial aired, I commented to friends that the ads really did nothing for me because as a 20-something consumer (who, yes, owns a Mac, but is not a total PC-hater), I feel very little connection to Seinfeld or Gates and I certainly don't want to be like them. In fact, these two guys are about as square as it gets, and really are just reinforcing the image that the Mac Guy ads have created for Microsoft.

From TechCrunch:

But…If Bill (and therefore Microsoft) is not already in touch with real people, then their products may not be, either. By spending time with real people, the logic flow suggests they’ll be able to build better products.

In other words, Microsoft is highlighting the fact that they are out of touch. But instead of saying they’ll mingle with real people to build better products, the message seems to be that the real people need to get with the program.

The full ad:


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