Personal Branding Rant - One For the Single Ladies

There's been a lot of hubbub about personal branding in the past few years. Today my MarketingProfs newsletter declares that I'd better work on my building my brand "before [my] name lands on the layoff list."

This prompted me to think on an issue that will be affecting all of us young, single, tech-saavy females who have spent years cultivating the perfect collection of Google results for our name.

We'd better all be planning to take the liberal route and keep our maiden names after marriage. Or at least plan to marry someone with a unique last name. Because all will be for naught when Jane [insert rare and distinctive last name here] marries Mr. Smith and has to start all over again. Good luck beating out all the other Jane Smith's out there.

My apologies to all those who were born with very common last names. I guess it has been an uphill battle for you all along. You'd better forget marrying rich and start looking for Mr. Perfect Last Name instead.


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