Office Max "Life is Beautiful" Campaign Tempts but Doesn't Deliver

I am a 20-something woman who spends the day in a cubicle. My office is making a move next month, and one of the things I am looking forward to is personalizing my new space - something I've been putting off due to the impending move and, of course, plain ol' laziness. Recently, a piece on Marketing Daily about Office Max's new "beautify your cubicle" campaign caught my eye. This was just what I needed! This was designed just for me!

I visited the Office Max website but nothing on the homepage jumped out at me and directed me to where I could find these new, exciting office goodies. I see this as their first mistake - I actually took the bait and went to their website, only to find a dead end (ed note - there is a small ad for the ladylike Infuse line, but this is marketed for jazzing up presentations, not cubicles). Figuring that perhaps the actual ad would direct me to a branded microsite or something similar, I tucked it away in the back of my mind until a few days later I took the time to YouTube the advertisment and get a better idea of what the new campaign was pushing.

Colored staplers and manila (or non-manila as the case may be) folders? That's all? Call me crazy, but with the hype and flashy commercial, I was expecting something a little more innovative. Office supply stores, along will mass retailers everywhere, have been selling colorful folders for years now. Ok, so maybe a flowered file folder lightly tugs at my Trapper-Keeper nostalgic heartstrings, but I hardly think the aisles of Office Max will be filled with the sound of clicking high-heels as women rush to fill their carts.

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