Popeyes Launches National Rebranding Campaign

This week fried chicken food chain Popeyes is launching its first national television buy. The campaign will feature the tagline "Louisiana Fast," as the chain attempts to sell the image of home-cooked classics in a fast food environment.

Commercials will feature interviews with "real customers," and stress the value and quality of new menu items. Apparently Popeyes claims to marinate many of their chicken dishes for up to 12 hours, making "fast food" and oxymoron.

The campaign will feature a new logo and a "Big Value" menu to go along with the "unscripted" commercials.

Notice my skepticism, especially regarding the commercials. Somehow, I don't think people will buy in to the idea that Popeyes is that much different than KFC, Mrs. Winners or any of the other chicken chains serving low-priced comfort food.

Image via Atlanta Business Chronicle


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