The Web is Hazardous for Hotheads

The number one thing I miss about my past days as an AOL user: the now-defunct "unsend" feature. AOL made it easy to take back mistakes - so long as the recipient hadn't opened the email yet. I wish all aspects of the web had an "unsend" feature.

I bet this guy does too (see comments from Roy Russo). Reading about marketing automation and technology is part of my daily routine to keep abreast of the industry. Today I came across this chain of comments showed us how NOT to comment on a blog, as the CEO of LoopFuse slams the blogger for her review, giving her even more ammunition.

It is hard not to respond when you feel you (or your company) are being misrepresented, but as momma always said, "If you can't say something nice," well, you know the rest.

If you absolutely must defend yourself, better to handle it gracefully, as Lisa Garza of The Next Food Network Star did here. Well, somewhat gracefully at least.


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