Marketing To Women : G23

The Wall Street Journal looks in to the world of agencies specializing in marketing to women on the heels of the launch of Omnicom's G23, a new consultancy dedicated the subject. The name G23 was chosen for "Group" and "23," pair of chromosomes that carries the sex differences between women and men. The G23 board is comprised entirely of women.

According to the article:

"Agencies and agency companies are increasing their efforts to help clients aim pitches at women. The work is parallel to efforts to improve life inside agencies for women and appoint more women to executive jobs."

With women controlling 75% of spending in today's market, agencies are struggling to come up with innovative ways reach women without dumbing down their advertising or simply throwing a coat of pink paint over it.

Pictured: The founding partners of G23


AsianCajuns said...

It's about time! Women not only make most household purchases, they also are the breadwinners. I'm surprised more marketing firms aren't devoted to this!

Love your blog! It's lovely to find a fellow Atlanta blogger!!!

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