On the Streets: Interesting Cross-Promotions

It always interests me to see how brands chose to work together to reach their target audiences. I've seen a few interesting cross promotions lately...

One that makes sense...

Bravo TV and Crunch Fitness
Crunch is hosting a new set of fitness classes (at select locations) based on the show Step Up and Dance. My guess is that this show appeals to a lot of 18-49-year-old women who are also interesting in slimming down and toning up in new, fun ways. I get it.

One one that puzzles me...

Peroni and free bakery bread
Though I was not able to find any details about this promotion online, I'll have to snap a picture next time I'm in my local Publix. Walking though the beer aisle, I spotted a sign that advertises a free loaf of bread from the bakery with purchase of Peroni. This looked to be a Peroni promotion, not a Publix-based promotion. Perhaps drinking Peroni while eating bread is traditional? If it is, I can't find evidence that says so (and Google never lies).

Perhaps it's a recession technique... I imagine it something like this:

Peroni Exec #1: Oh, no, with the economy, people can't afford to buy our fancy beer. They have to spend money on essentials like bread and milk.

Peroni Exec #2: I know, we'll give them bread WITH the beer, so they can still afford to buy beer!

Both: Perfecto!

I'm not sure who this promotion benefits, but it's certainly baffling.


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